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We are committed to helping you discover your God given greatness, develop and nurture it and help you profit wonderfully from your gifts, talents and passion as you also make a big difference in your local and the global community.


Do you know that everyone on planet earth has their own strength, talent or passion. It's also sometimes referred to as your personal wealthy place. So why are most people living miserable, average, ordinary lives? Simple, they haven't discovered their passion or signature strength.

Here at Passion to Mission, we help you discover your own signature strength or passion!

The first step to living a productive, fulfilling and purposeful life is to discover what you were born to do

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It's amazing how the school system fills us with knowledge but doesn't really equip us with the skills we need to be successful in the business marketplace.
Here at Passion to Mission our focused workshops and skill development programs focused on equipping you with the skills that will help you develop and deploy your signature strength and passion to the marketplace and make you stand out from the crowd and succeed whether in the corporate world or in the entrepreneurial business market.

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Here at passion to mission, our 1-2-1 coaching will also help you develop your own blueprint. We use winning career & business growth strategies and systems utilizing cutting edge technology and a core team of highly skilled experts who not only are achieving great results in their various fields but also have a track record of helping many others like you, achieve success beyond what they thought possible.

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Our Team

Passion to Mission prepares the participants of today for the world of tomorrow.

Our core team is made up of highly competent and independent facilitators who are practising entrepreneurs and highly skilled corporate professionals

  • Eddie Iduoze

    Eddie is passionate about helping people discover their strength and passion then channelling it into mission and marketplace.

  • DJ Sobanjo

    DJ is driven by a passion to help himself and others live productive and effective lives.

  • Bola Iduoze

    Bola is extremely passionate about teaching, motivating and helping people to be the best they can be in every area of life.

Our Mission Statement

Discover Your Passion, Design Your Future

Let yours be the next success story!

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